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Testimonials Cont...


Excellent reading highly recommend- Ryaner 16/02/2014



2/2/14. Just had the most amazing reading with Tara, I was blown away with names and validations, so much information. Thank you Tara, I will let you know how things have turned out, correction, I will confirm that things have turned out like you have said!! Wonderful warm calm lady, thank you again x



This lady is simply amazing. I have had lots of readings over the past couple of years, with many trials and tribulations to deal with. She validated so much and totally surprised me with the reading. Lovely woman to speak with. I await things to unfold now as she advised, L. x



Dear Tara, I can't thank you enough for the reading you gave me ..... It's the most outstanding reading I ever had... Described so many people in my life to a tee.. I feel so comforted by the messages given; so positive about my future. was absolutely amazing. ... INCREDIBLE thank you again...what a beautiful person. . Love to you. X S



I had a fantastic reading with Tara today 4/1/14, who without any prompting from me whatsoever, came up with names of some very important people in my life and how things were going to develop. This lady is a magnificent reader, do give her a call, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Tara, testimonial as promised Ax



I had a reading on 2/1/13 and I have been left absolutely shocked! Tara is amazing and sooooo gifted. She really touched me emotionally tonight. She picked up on things one after the other and each time my jaw dropped. Such a lovely lady. Thank you soooo much Tara, I feel a lot more confident in making those choices after speaking to you, I can't thank you enough. Do contact Tara, I'm sure you will be left shocked as well. I just feel so lucky to have had a reading by her as I am sure she is hard to get through to.



Had a reading with Tara on 29Dec2013. Wow for the validations. She came out with names of people connected to the person I was calling about, she was able to give me an approximate time of when things will start to turn around, month-wise so we'll wait and see. Definitely worth a call. Px



What an amazing lady, really spot on with lots of different things. Made a lot of sense, connected straight away. Thank you xxx



I had a reading with Tara the other day. Everything she stated was spot on. One of her predictions had already come to pass. I thank you very much Tara for your time and honesty. You are wonderful x



21/12/13 - My reading with Tara was amazing. Validation after validation and didn't ask any questions. Picked up on my situation straight away, picked up on loved ones in the spirit world and names of friends. I cannot thank you enough! I will certainly let you know if your predictions come true. L x



I had to leave a testimonial for Tara. As a reader myself I was totally impressed by her connection, with loved one's in spirit and the numerous validations she gave. It was obvious that she has a genuine gift. Many thanks Tara, I will call again x  



This lady is absolutely fantastic. Validation after validation and even names, I was gobsmacked to be honest..I have used many psychics before, but never one who has given me so much information in a 20 minute reading. Thank you, I will definitely be calling again. 18/12/13


Wow! All I can say about Tara is that she is amazing.... Tara connected with me straight away, no guessing, just straight in there with validations, brilliant. Thank you so much for my reading, I will be back to update. Love & Light, S. xxxxx

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