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I felt a testimonial to Tara was well overdue. I've known Tara The-seer and had readings from her for a few years now. The one thing she kept telling me was that I'd end up with a small white shaggy dog, (Tara didn't know I'd always wanted a Bichon Frise)I had a cocker at the time so didn't see this at all likely as she didn't get on with other dogs. However, circumstances changed and this June I got a small bundle of fluff called Kaia - she's a cavachon, a cross between a cavalier and a bichon....I'd forgotten about Tara's predictions until after that and didn't know how her coat would turn out...and more specifically when I was on my way to an MBS I was taking part in with Tara at the weekend, I suddenly realised....I had my small white shaggy dog with me! Pic of proof! She's also been known not to read for me when she knows I don't need a reading, which shows true integrity. I'd highly recommend for all her insight and down to eath, easy to talk to nature. Pauline x      



She is amazing, her detail and accuracy is astounding! Thank you so much Tara will be calling again x- P x 24/09/2014  



Hi Tara The reading was great and so detailed, alot of what you are saying I do understand and thank you so much for your time with this.

Look forward to speaking to you soon Many thanks Louisexx



Thank you soo much for the reading Tara. E xx



Dear Tara, Thank you so much. the reading was amazing and confirmed everything I feel and am thinking. You really are a talented/gifted lady.                               ( a picture of Tara with Kaia )

Thank you so much. H xxxxx



Tara's gift is amazing, give Tara a go, you will not be disappointed she is amazing. L in Scotland xxx                                                                                                                                                                                              



I had a reading with Tara on the 3/8/14 and it was one of the best readings I have ever had. Tara had told me things that had happened from my past which was correct, she also had brought through past loved ones. Will have to wait and see if what she said will happen in the future happens, I hope it does. If you want a great reading call Tara, because you won't be disappointed. Lots of love Tara. P xxx



Tara, as always when I am having one of my wobbles you put my mind at ease time and time again. Bless you my Angel. I will be i touch again to update.Take care. Lnl. Sx



Dear Tara! From the bottom of my heart thank you so much. WOW you left me speechless, Rxxx



26.3.14. Wow, that's the best reading I have ever had. My husband will want to reunite after I move house and get new man, my dad came through most names meant something some to come in later. Predicted my house move, couldn't believe how accurate she was. Would recommend a reading. P



Thank you Tara, for your reading tonight. You are a wonderful & compassionate reader. You picked up immediately on my spirituality and you were very encouraging for me to move forward. I have listened to your advice and I certainly will soon. A lovely lady . Give her a try. She will not let you down. Love and light, M x







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