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Psychics & Mediums

Helping you to understand how it works.




A psychic is a person that has a deep intuition they are very sensitive and find it easy to sense what a person is feeling and situations that are going on around the person and their life. A psychic is able to read persons energy to gain information from that persons past, present and possible pathways that are open in the future. Some psychics may use a various cards as a tool to do their readings; some may use crystals or crystal balls or objects given by the person seeking a reading. There are many different tools that can be used for divination and often are used to enhance alongside psychic readings. Some psychics do not use any objects or tools and are able to read a person just by looking at them and allowing their energy to blend with the other person combining their intuition to do the reading.  Some readings the psychic may at times get a sense of events to unfold in the future however this is difficult to prove as the events have not yet taken place, if a prediction is made then a person who is having the reading should always take this lightly as we have free will and can make our own choices on life’s path and can change our own destiny at any time.




A medium is a person who is able to communicate with people who are in spirit to provide as much evidence as possible that even though they are in spirit they are still part of your life, the medium usually provides information of the person in spirit, such as description of how they look, their personality, details of their life whilst being in the physical world, names, dates, memories and other information that only you would know about them, followed by a message from your loved one.


There are three main ways a psychic and a medium can get the sense of their information


Clairvoyance which means clear seeing when a person has this ability they will be given the information in the form of seeing pictures or images in their minds eye often this is called subjective clairvoyance, on occasions it is possible but rare that the person will see images externally as if they are real this is called objective clairvoyance.


Clairaudience which means clear hearing, when a person has this ability they will be able to hear information such as sound, music and voices and be able to pass on information from what they have heard.


Clairsentience which means clear feeling or sensing, when a person has this ability they are able to pick up feelings using their intuition, gut instincts. They may get their information via smell (clairfragrance) taste (clairgustus) or touch. This is the most common way for most people to experience and gain their information.


It is possible that a psychic or medium will have the ability to do all three, but most experience one or maybe two ways of gaining the information.

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