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Hello My name is Tara and I have been working as a professional psychic and medium for several years now with the public.

I could see, hear and feel spirit when i was a child, but my knowledge was limited

until later on in life as to what mediumship and psychic ability was,

since then i have sat in circles and development groups and have been on various courses at The Arthur Findaly spiritual college to develop myself along with other workshops. Once i started to develop on my spiritual pathway everything i had experienced made so much sense and i developed very quickly. when on this pathway you never stop learning.


I have done various public demonstrations of evenings of clairvoyance and have worked at  spiritual churches in the norwich norfolk & suffolk area. I have also taken part in paranormal investigations which have been interesting.  

Currently running development groups  & workshops to help others to develop on their spiritual pathway.  I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people along my pathway. I sometimes use oracle and Tarot cards  if required, I regularly offer one to one sittings. The readings are always done in sincerity and from the heart, i thoroughly enjoy the work i do and working with spirit is always an amazing and touching experience. x


if you would like to take part in a development group or come along to a workshop please do contact me.


Thank you for Taking the time to look at my website x


Terms and Conditions


By  purchasing or booking a reading, you are agree with the following terms & conditions, That you participate of your own accord and that it is your free will to do so. you are also agree that it is seen as an experiment and for entertainment purposes only, any information given by the reader, medium / psychic clairvoyant  and how it is recieved and how information is used is the responsibility of the recipient and not the responsibility of the psychic / clairvoyant / medium

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